Archaeological Association of Georgia

Mission statement of the Archaeological Association of Georgia


The core objective of the Archaeological Association of Georgia is to uphold and advance the field of archaeology in Georgia. Our focus lies in protecting the diverse cultural legacy of Georgia, while encouraging scientific research, implementing modern technologies and community involvement.

We believe that preservation of archaeological heritage is crucial not only for historical purposes but also for fostering a deeper appreciation and respect for Georgia's cultural identity. By advocating for effective conservation practices and regulations, the organization aims to safeguard and protect archaeological sites and artifacts that serve as crucial links to Georgia's illustrious ancient culture and history.

In order to reach our objectives, the organization highly values cooperation and forming partnerships not only by conventional means, but with the help of modern technologies. Our team and board members actively aim to forge alliances with both local and international organizations. By collaborating closely with government bodies and institutions, we are able to advocate for policies and regulations that promote the preservation of archaeological sites.

The Archaeological Association of Georgia works to involve the community in educational programs and initiatives. Through community involvement, outreach events, and awareness campaigns, we hope to foster a sense of accountability for the preservation of archaeological sites, both in individuals as well as in organizations.

Our goal is not just to study locations and environments that have cultural and heritage interests, but also to interact and raise awareness with the present inhabitants of those environments and locations.


Our mission aligns with the belief that Archaeology has no borders!



Our Aim is:


To ensure that the preservation of archaeological heritage is carefully considered in all development and land use activities.

Enhance the preservation of the historical landscapes through implementation of agri-environment initiatives to safeguard archaeological sites against potential harm caused by agricultural activities like ploughing.

To adhere to local regulations and global best practices in order to uphold ethical standards in the field of archaeology and actively encourage their implementation.

To assist archaeologists, facilitate their research  and promote the ethical conduct of archaeological endeavours.

In order to mobilize knowledge and research we aim to oversee the establishment and enhancement of a digital archive dedicated to preserving archaeological and heritage data produced through fieldwork and research conducted in Georgia.

Creating and upkeeping an extensive collection of public information resources (Historic Environment Records Sites and Monuments Records) to enhance the appreciation and knowledge of Georgia's historic environment.

Promoting the social and economic importance of  archaeological findings across all age groups and communities, emphasizing the importance of preserving global archaeological heritage. Most importantly with children - by educational programs, initiatives and workshops.


To safeguard archaeological sites and cultural treasures by preventing unlawful actions associated with them.

To foster camaraderie and harmonious collaboration among archaeologists.

To foster international cooperation by sharing experience and access to digital data.

To implement notion that Archeology has no borders and our region`s common history, heritage and shared values is what unites Georgia with neighboring, European and Asian communities.

To identify and promote links between cultural and natural heritage.

To develop and implement ethics and standard for sustainable cultural tourism, to preserve and protect cultural sites.

To reduce the illegal trafficking of cultural artifacts in Georgia by using technologies to address and prevent this criminal activities.

Establishing a safe and inclusive space for sharing and exchanging archaeological knowledge, concepts and ideas.

To publicize the work and efforts of the Association

Archaeology has no borders!

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